Clear Blue Pregnancy Test Free Sample

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They are only offering this free sample of Clear Blue Pregnancy test to women.  This offer is only available to the first 850 women. These usually go for about 10 bucks so it’s a good free sample to get. My girlfriend was able to get this 4 times before they cut her off, lol. Her and her husband are trying to have a baby and they’re having a little bit of trouble, so they go through a lot of these. Funny, I remember talking to a pharmacist and she told me that pregnancy tests were the most stolen item at her store, she said that most women just take them and use them in the washroom that’s why they lock them up at the counter.

The interesting thing about this sample is that they also send it out in a special unmarked box so the mailman won’t know what’s in the box. Maybe it’s cool for those who don’t want anyone to know that they may be pregnant, I don’t know?

This free sample offer of Clear Blue Pregnancy Test is not available to people outside of North America, sorry.

UPDATE: at the moment the sample is NOT available! Instead click here to get FREE money taking surveys. Make money up to $50 per survey.

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