AcuVue Disposable Contact Lenses Free Sample

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This is for a free sample of AcuVue Disposable Contact Lenses. It’s for one free box of 20 sets of disposable contact lenses that you are suppose to use just once a day. When you fill out the request for you just note what kind of prescription you use and they’ll send out the right ones. I’ve been using contact lenses for years and have never actually tried disposable lenses, this was the first time. I’d say I really enjoyed using them. This will sound strange, but every time I put on a new pair of the disposable contact lenses, they felt fresh. I know weird. It was like jumping into a bed with clean sheets, lol.

When I ordered mine, I got it with in 2 weeks. Very fast delivery especially within the United States. My friend in Canada ordered hers and got it within just under 3 weeks. This offer for a free sample of AcuVue Disposable Contact Lenses is available to anyone in North America (United States, Canada, Mexico), Europe, India, and Australia

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